There are a variety of local, state-wide, and national organizations that offer assistance on legal, housing, and consumer issues. Categorized lists of select resources are provided below for reference. 

  • DCF Child Support Services
    • YoungWilliams Topeka Office, Townsite 4, 120 SE 6th St., Ste. 106, Topeka, KS 66603:

      Kansas Child Support Call Center – 1-888-757-2445.
    • Establishes and collects child support orders in all cases where support rights have been assigned to the state or a party has requested child support services from the state. In Douglas County, this federally mandated service is provided by a contractor out of an office in Topeka.
  • Douglas County District Court Trustee
    • 111 E. 11th Street: 785-832-5315
    • Establishes child support orders and collects child support and maintenance orders in cases where there is no assignment of support rights to the state. Also collects court-ordered debts and victim restitution in criminal cases.
  • Kansas Child Support Guidelines
    • All child support orders entered by a Kansas court must be based on the child support guidelines adopted by the Kansas Supreme Court. Every child support order entered by a Kansas court must be accompanied by a child support worksheet showing how the support order was calculated.
  • Kansas Payment Center
    • P.O. Box 758599, Topeka, KS 66675-8599: 1-877-572-5722.
    • Processes and disburses all Kansas child support and maintenance payments unless the order explicitly allows payments to be made directly to the obligee. Also has payment records for support orders from 1996 to the present. Records are available at Kansas Payment Center: Search Payment Records. Payment records prior to 1996 would have to be obtained from the district court where the support order originated.
  • The Willow
    • 24-hour hotline: 785-843-3333
    • 1920 Moodie Rd., Lawrence, KS 66046, 785-331-2034
    • Shelter, transitional programs, education and prevention, and community and rural services including court advocate services. Services are free and confidential. Serving Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson counties. 
  • The Sexual Trauma and Abuse Care Center
    • 785-843-8985
    • 330 Main St. , Lawrence, KS 66044
    • Offers 24/7 support to individuals affected by sexual trauma and abuse in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson counties. Services include counseling, crisis response, advocacy, and education. All services are free and confidential.

Eligibility Requirements

  • LSS is a fee-funded service at the KU Lawrence campus. Students must be enrolled for the current term at the Lawrence campus and have paid the required campus fees to be eligible for services.

  • More information about services and restrictions is provided on our About page.